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What Do We Believe

What Do We Believe

The Bible                     Distinctives/Learn More  

The Bible, as a whole and in all its parts, is the divinely inspired, revealed and inerrant Word of God and is the only infallible authority in all matters of faith and life.


God is the Maker and Ruler of the universe. He is personal, yet infinite and perfect. He exists eternally and equally as one God, three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God, at the core of his existence, is love.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is both true God and true Man, the only Son of God and the only Savior of the world. Jesus lived a sinless human life and offered Himself for the sins of all by dying on the cross. He arose from the dead after three days, demonstrating His power over sin and death.


Salvation comes to us entirely as a gift, received through faith (trust) in Jesus Christ. We call this gift 'grace.' We can never make up for our sin by self improvement or good works. It is through faith alone, apart from works of the law that we find ourselves in a right standing before God, forgiven of our sins, and promised eternal life with Him.

About the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is present in the world to make people aware of their sin, works to call humanity into a saving faith in Jesus Christ, empowers believers to live more fully according to God's purpose, bestows gifts for the ministry of the Church, inspires love for one another, and works to bring glory to Jesus Christ.

The Church 

The Church is the living body of Christ in the world. It is the gathering of saints worldwide in which the Gospel is rightly taught and the Sacraments are rightly administered.

Being Lutheran

As Lutherans, we care deeply about connecting people with God's good news, the Gospel. The central message of scripture is grace (God's unearned love), expressed in the doctrine of being made right with God by faith alone, apart from works.


Our Redeemer's was one of the twelve founding churches of the American Association of Lutheran Churches.